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How to plan a trip

          Whoever you are, wherever you're going, you need to know how to plan a trip. If you're not interested in that than this page isn't for you. But that's okay because this website has more to offer such as articles on climate change, how you can help fight the issue, and travel blogs.

     During a travel and tourism class I took, we learned about the basics on how to plan a trip. The first thing you need to think about with anything is price. What is your budget? This will either allow or prevent you from doing certain activities or attractions, finding places to stay, ways of transportation, or where you'll eat. These are the four parts of Travel and Tourism. You will use these to plan any trip in the future, and have more than likely used them in the past. But if you used them in the past, why are you here? Don't worry because there's a point to this. Just by knowing that there is a set design to plan a trip, puts you ahead of most people.

      How do you use the 4 parts to travel and tourism? Well you need to first know what each of them means and how to apply them. The first thing part you need to know is attractions. This will help you identify why you want to go to your destination the first place. This can range from local attractions such as hiking at Mount Everest or visiting family in Louisiana. It starts with why do I want to go there. The attraction could just be going to sight see the area like Niagara falls.

       Once you figure out where you want to go you'll need to find a method of transportation in order to go anywhere. You can either rent a vehicle or use public transportation. If you're staying with family then it would be more cost effective to have them pick you up or to take public transportation to get there. If you're driving around a lot or going far distances from each of your attractions than it's recommended that you rent a car. 

       The next course of action will be to find out where you will be staying at. You want to think about where your attractions are when staying somewhere. Not everyone can afford to stay at a rented home or a fancy hotel so make sure you look for places with better prices if that's the case. Airbnb now gives you the option to stay at a place that is relatively nice and homely for prices more affordable than hotels. If those too are out of your price range, check out some motels in the area you're staying. There is the possibility you're camping so don't forget to check out the laws for where you stay as some places allow you to camp anywhere and others don't allow it at all. 

     The last and a personal favorite, is food. When you go out and explore new places and cultures it's always fun to find new cuisine. Places around the world offer unique dining to their areas. If you're traveling within you're own country don't worry. Different areas within a country can offer food and beverages than even the next city over. You have to look sometimes as it is not always seen as special to the locals. Don't fall for expensive restaurants with the same menu as everywhere else. Make sure to check out reviews before going anywhere. If it's in you're own country ask locals where they eat instead of whatever food you know is nationally made. 

     Whenever going somewhere unfamiliar don't forget to research the Do's and Don'ts of that place. For example if I was to go to Europe(I'm an american) then I wouldn't want to give them a thumbs up as it is not appropriate or in Japan I would want to slurp my soup as it shows how I'm enjoying it. This is very important 

      If you're interested in seeing the results of a trip I planned click on the link- here- and you can see how I planned a trip to the badlands.