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The rising sea levels. Should we be worried?

Throughout history the sea levels rising has been a topic of nightmares. When they rise, coastal cities must worry about their buildings and their citizens. Islanders must fear if their island will remain, and governments have to make sure their people will remain safe. Climate change has caused fear among the global society as sea levels are rising faster than ever before. From 1880 until the end of the 20th century the sea levels rose 8 inches. That may sound bad, but it's relatively normal. What is not normal however, is that the sea levels are estimated to rise between 1 to 4 feet by 2100. Cities such as Miami, Hong Kong, Osaka, and many more are at risk from these very likely changes. 

      The causes of these changes are linked back to humans. We are the cause of climate change. With our pollution from the industrial revolution and since, we have caused the glaciers, the Arctic, and the Antarctic to melt. The Arctic has lost 40% since 1980 according to BBC Earths "Frozen Worlds" on Netflix. This is an issue that is urgent and an issue that needs our attention. Our planet has kept us safe for millennia and now we're destroying it. You can help create a better planet by clicking-here- or -here-. The links take you to BBC Earth to learn what you can do and to my own page "How to Help" where I take you through some things you can do personally to make a difference.