Airbnb is changing the Lodging industry throughout the globe. From Australia and Indonesia to Antarctica and Mexico, Airbnb is taking over. One thing I have never seen is an Airbnb village and that is what this project would be. Imagine: You're in Los Angeles and you want to make it as an entrepreneur or a successful business person. But you don't have to that kind of money. With Change Climate Official's Airbnb village, you can stay there for cheaper than anywhere else in the city of angels. 

      The plan for this project starts out with land. I need to find land in LA in a great and safe area. I have selected a few locations in Beverly hills or other parts in Los Angeles. The prive averages $22,000 for about 2200 sq/ft. The next step is to purchase the homes. I have decided that this village will consist of the new trendy "Tiny Home" and will have enough space for two. The village will start out with four tiny homes costing $18,000 each. This brings the total of the village to $102,000 but will add another $8,000 for furniture and construction costs.

     If you are interested in this project please help support on our donation page 



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